Dhamma Bodhi Campus

Dhamma Bodhi campus is a lush green 18 acre piece of land, at Gaya Dobhi Road, just few kms from the famous Bodhi Tree. The campus has over 5000 trees, some of which are mango, neem, gulmohar, teak, peepal, banyan, papaya, guava, berries, sandalwood etc. Regular plantation of tree is done to make sure that there is a green cover on the land.

Dhammabodhi comprises of around 69 rooms on male side and 52 rooms on the female side. In a typical ten day course, there are 80 females and 120 males and around 12 Dhamma servers supporting the course. Each course has a Male and Female conducting Teacher. Teachers and Dhamma servers reside close to the students in separate quarters. There are separate dining halls which can accommodate upto 80 males and 80 females at a time. The Dhamma Hall 1 can seat upto 100 students. Dhamma Hall 3 can seat upto 120 students. Dhamma Hall 2 which can seat upto 70 students is being used for English Language discourses. The existing Pagoda has 215 individual cells, where students can meditate in isolation and silence. The campus also has an office area, which comprises of a Conference room, Visitors area and Accounts office. Separate stores for Hardware, Tools and Linen are available. The center has a separate facility for long term Dhamma Servers who are staying at the campus and volunteering their time for the Dhamma activities here. Two guest rooms located near the campus entrance are available for old students stay and meditation. A small library and book store is also present at the campus.

The above facilities are as of April 2022.  Expansion plan as per Master Plan is going on and as and when the new rooms, meditation halls, pagoda cells are ready, this website will be updated.